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Turn Your Typing Skills Into A Lucrative Business

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Post Turn Your Typing Skills Into A Lucrative Business   Wed Sep 08, 2010 1:45 pm

work from home part time
[b]The Secretarial Business-In-A-Box
Makes It Easy To Start A Secretarial Business
And Make Money Typing At Home

"Ihave ordered your "Secretarial Business In-A-Box" system. It has beenso incredibly helpful!! From even just the first few pages, I alreadyfelt empowered and like, "Hey, I can do this!!" I have already begun to get started on your tips, and the flyers/postcards/letters are a tremendous asset. The marketing tips were just what I was looking for. I have found some "job" sites online, and I am ashamed to admit, fallen for some scams. It was such a relief to find some real help. Again, your system is going to be so useful,and it has made me feel so confident in myself to be able to begin onthis endeavor. Thank you for your time and your willingness to helpothers succeed." Nancy Ruben, North Augusta, SC
Felicia earned $78,000 in 9 months typing part time from home for a Fortune 500 company. You can too!

My name is Felicia Brickman and I owe everything I have to SCI.

BeforeI found out about SCI, I was going nowhere fast. Ever since my husbandleft and I found myself a single mom raising my son Dylan alone, lifewas a daily struggle.

Believe me, you can't raise a family onthe $10.00 an hour I was making as a word processor. With having to payfor childcare, I was coming home with next to nothing.

I knew I needed additional education to get out of my situation, but I just couldn't afford it. And I had such little
extra time.

Even worse, I have to admit I tried quite a few work at home scams (envelope stuffing, paid surveys, you name it, I tried it) which only left me poorer.

SinceI do enjoy typing, I tried a number of so called "typing programs" Ibought over the internet, but they only wanted me to type ads and payfor the cost of advertising myself!

Having been burned before, Ineeded some kind of third party to assure me the program waslegitimate. I felt completely reassured when I discovered that SCI israted the #1 work at home opportunity by a national consumer protectiongroup
Best Work At Home Opportunities

Name: SCI Certification Course
Rating: 97
Average Investment: $499
Average Yearly Return: $82,000
Summary: Thiswell established correspondence school offers a six hour downloadablevideo course that trains students to work online for Fortune 500companies as online advertising specialists. The work is as simple asassembling articles from available sources and posting them on the webaccording to the course instructions. We were suspicious of thisopportunity and thought it sounded too good to be true until we spokewith a number of SCI graduates. Those involved were more than satisfiedwith their earnings. We were pleased to see that SCI is a BusinessBureau member without any complaints lodged against it.

Name: Avon
Rating: 94
Average Investment: $400
Average Yearly Return: $15,000
Summary: Avonis a household name and it makes it easy to get your foot in the doorwhen you are selling it. This opportunity is great for people who liketo sell and enjoy sharing cosmetic products with other people. Whilesome customers may be wiling to come to your home for salesdemonstrations, you will have to spend at least part of your timemaking outside sales calls to be successful in this opportunity. Mostof the participants we spoke with had a positive experience with thecompany. Although Avon is a Business Bureau member, over 50 complaintshave been lodged against Avon over the last three years, albeit allwere satisfactorily resolved.SCI guarantees you will be working with a Fortune 500 company by the time you complete the course or your money back! To check if there are openings in your area
Thousands of students have purchased the course for $499. Students are reporting earning $50,000 - $125,000 in their first year.
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