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Saving On Groceries & Getting Out Of Debt Has Never Been Easier

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Post Saving On Groceries & Getting Out Of Debt Has Never Been Easier   Wed Sep 08, 2010 2:01 pm

**Today's FREE Bonus For All Visitors:Learn To Get One FREE Grocery Item Each, PLUS Discover How You Can PayOf Your Credit Cards And Get Out Of Debt With Lightning Fast Speed!(sign up further down)If you could read just one article about how to save your household hundreds or even thousands of dollars every month, then this is it. We'll show you how to pay off your family's debts in one third the time! We'll also show you the tools and techniques to easily save huge amounts on your grocery bill, putting hundreds of extra dollars in you pocket, each and every month! You will wish you knew these techniques years ago, and bad debt will literally be a thing of the past! So let's get started: What if I told you that you could save 40-70% on your grocery bill?

Why would you ever pay retail prices for
groceries again?For example, the retail price on all of these groceries would have been $133.34, we paid only $13.56! (Actual savings example)
<blockquote id="quote"> "My Family is saving $100.00 per week on our Grocery Bill! This system not only saves us time but also our hard earned money cash, which we can use to pay off debt and save for retirement." -Curtis B</blockquote>
Imagine what this extra $200-$500 in monthly savings could mean for your household!
My name is Daniel Pereira, and I have a request:
Never Pay Retail Again! Dear Friends, This extra $2400 to $6000 a year is easily attainable, while shopping at the same local stores that you love to shop at! No online grocery shopping ever! You still shopat your local grocery store, and you still bring home your favoritename brand products- maybe even some that you didn't think that youcould afford before- all at prices lower than wholesale cost. Imagine, you bring home toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, razors, yogurt and salad dressing. Then imagine telling your spouse you were able to pick up these groceries for free! Sounds too good to be true? Well, it isn't if you have the right tools. You see, through a process known as power shopping, thousands of people every day go shopping and choose to pay wholesale pricing on their groceries rather than retail pricing. This is where we come in, we are here to easily teach you how to obtain these savings by only spending a few minutes a week devoted to the cause!
Now let's get you saving even more... I have a power shopping system that I want you to try out RISK FREE. And if you don't save HUGE amounts of money on your grocery bill with my system, then (NOW LISTEN UP, THIS IS NO JOKE) I am going to give you $200.00 in free cash money saving materials! Let me explain... Like I have said, my name is DanielPereira, and I am slowly becoming known as an expert in the grocerysavings industry. I started learning so much about this industrybecause a while back I joined a company called ATI that teaches peoplefinancial education. Part of what we teach people is how to cut yourgrocery bill in half through a concept known as "power shopping." Ihave made teaching people about grocery savings my biggest focus withinthis company. Now, let me ask you something: Do you hate bills? I know I do! And I know you want to reduce your bills without getting new bills. Here's why I ask: At ATI our grocery savings system isspectacular! Each month this program shows you the best grocery dealsin your area. It matches up sale items with the available coupons. Youthen you get instant access to about 10 to 15 items you can get forfree and usually over 1,000 of the best grocery prices you haveprobably ever seen, each and every week saving you hundreds per month! Now here's the problem... In order to use this software, youhave to pay a monthly fee! (More commonly known as a B.I.L.L., thethings you and I hate! ARRRGGGGHHH!) Because this system works so well, thousands of people pay this $300 per year. But what I want to do today is teach you how to get this same grocery savings information each and every month, without having to take on an extra bill! You see, I have learned so much aboutthe grocery savings industry, and have helped so many people savehundreds per month on groceries, that I have been able to create anentire grocery savings system that allows you to obtain the same information and the same grocery savings each month for free!Tons of people have been achieving the same results with my simplesystem without having to pay a monthly fee, and they learn how to do itthrough my book that I have put together called "Saving Money throughPower Shopping." You are going to be able to take my book for a testdrive today. And you are going to learn how to achieve MASSIVE grocerysavings each month, and it will all be at no risk to you! So, If you would like a few hundred extra dollars in your pocket each month, and if you would like to be able to save on groceries to the point where you are constantly getting free groceries, and if you want this savings to come very easily (let's face it, you have almost no time to spare), then prepare to be amazed!

Here are the 7 most exciting things you'll discover when you

give our power shopping system a try:

  • The system that takes virtually no time to discover the absolute lowest prices and best deals in town each week!

  • A true guide for bargain hunting, with a huge exception! That is, you don't have to do any hunting. Everything is handed to you on a silver platter.

  • The best FREE power shopping resources available, Resources so great, that if everyone knew about them, we would put the grocery stores out of business!

  • Unbelievable techniques that get MASSIVE RESULTS. Save more money than you ever dreamed possible at your favorite grocery store buying the same groceries that you already love to buy! (We aren't going to tell you about some crazy buy in bulk program.)

  • A system for obtaining STACKS of coupons. (When you have this many coupons, it is almost impossible not to save hundreds per month.)

  • Discover whatthousands of people are paying $25 per month for, and be THRILLED thatyou have access to that same weekly information for free!

  • Always, know the free groceries available in your area. On average, there are 10 to 15 free groceries you can get in your area each week! Discover how fun it is to get free groceries and learn what free items you can get TODAY!

It only takes a few minutes extra... <blockquote id="quote">"I use the techniques in Daniel Pereira's Power Shopping book at least once per week and save 40-75%. It only takes a few minutes extra to save this way! THX Daniel." Dan D. --Arizona </blockquote>

So,here it is, the guide "Saving Money through Power Shopping." It comeswith video tutorials, power shopping techniques, and information toaccess the best free power shopping resources available. It isdelivered to you in the form of an eBook (electronic book) and thegreat thing is, it is available today as an immediate download! All ofthis information is only a few clicks away! From what I have seen, our guide is the best-selling grocery savings eBook on the web. This is probably due to the fact that we are teaching you about solid power shopping techniques and free tools that allow you to easily save hundreds per month.(Please note: This book was designed for saving money on groceries in the United States only.)
Ihave read other grocery savings eBooks in the past and many of themwere people's personal techniques to saving money on groceries. I wantyou to know that this guide is nothing like the other grocery savings eBooks that sell on the web; I do not teach you a personal story of how I save money on groceries. Iam going to teach you how to craft your own game plan in order for youto save the most amount of money possible for you and your family.
Anotherunique thing about this guide is that you are going to be able toaccess grocery savings information that people pay hundreds of dollarsa year for, and I prove it right in the book! I told you about the $25system that my company sells, and there are actually a good handful ofsimilar companies that will sell grocery savings programs for the samemonthly fee. Thousands of people across the country pay for theseprograms because they work! But, instead of paying a monthlyfee for a system that shows you the best deals, I take you to resourcesthat almost nobody has heard about that allow you to get the same information each month absolutely free!!
I would have never bought retail... <blockquote id="quote">"I'm amazedat how these grocery-saving tools work and that there are so many ofthem! If I had known about these before, then I never would have boughtretail. Thanks Daniel!" Katrina R. --North Carolina </blockquote>
Get ready to discover the secrets to having access to the best prices on groceries in town! Our eBook shows you how to easily obtain these savings in record time:
All these savings can be yours today!
With your copy of "Saving Money through Power Shopping: How to immediatelySave 40-70% on your Grocery Bill" you will receive a step-by-step guidethat spells out all the details!... All the guess work is taken out. Now, when people sign up for the $25 per month program that my companyoffers, they usually still need some guidance in order to effectivelyuse my company's grocery savings program. So, what do we do? We teach them time-tested power shopping techniquesso they can maximize their savings using these programs. I have donethe same thing in my book "Saving Money through Power Shopping." Youwill get access to pages and pages of guidance, tons of videotutorials, and the best free grocery savings resources available in order to guarantee that you will save the most money possible each and every month! My colleagues and I have taught thousands of families thesetechniques. Many families have used these money savings techniques andhave been blown away at how easy it is to use these systems! Someparents in the past have spent hours of their time each week clippingand organizing coupons and looking through all the ads in order to findthe best deals, but not you! You will take the fast approach to learning how to power shop, spending the least amount of time possible, saving your family $200 to $500 a month!

What a deal! <blockquote id="quote">"What a deal! This is the 3rd week I have been using your strategies. The first week I saved $40.00, the 2nd week I saved $45.00 and this week I also saved $45.00. I hope to save even more as I accrue more and more coupons. Thanks for all your help!" Julie W. --Maine </blockquote>
Here are just some of the ways the book "Saving Money through Power Shopping" will benefit you and your family...

  • Discover my tested, proven system for saving your hard-earned money without eating in to your precious time!

  • Avoid hassle and confusion at the grocery store.

  • Have extra money available each month. Be able to pay off debts you may have, relieve stress in your life; start to do a few things that you haven't been able to afford until now!

  • Discover how to that take all of the "real" work out of grocery savings. Get the peace of mind that your savings will come each week with minimal effort.

  • Save yourself months of learning, time, and research and start saving big tomorrow. (I have done all the work for you. With my expertise, I take you deep inside the system and reveal secret tools and strategies that you won't read about anyplace else.)

  • Start making up for all the times that you have overpaid at the grocery store. Believe me, it feels really good to walk out of that store with a cart full of groceries that you only paid $10 for!

  • Become one of the few people not affected by the insane increases in our food prices! (I have talked to an expert in the food distribution industry and he tells me things are going to get even worse!)

  • Start shopping with joy!Grocery shopping will no longer be a painful drain on your wallet.Getting great deals like these is actually pretty fun and the savingsare addicting!

  • Learn the 10 common grocery items you can almost always get free. These items are so popular that you probably spend around $20 per month for them. Now you will get them absolutely free!

  • Get all of these savings, even if you don't want to use coupons! I'll show you how to cut your grocery bill in half, even if you never clip a single coupon ever again!

Saved over $200.00 in the last 2 weeks!!!!

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