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Money Saving Green Solutions

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Post Money Saving Green Solutions   Wed Sep 08, 2010 2:02 pm


This year you will give thousands of

dollars to corporations for products

you don't need that create more pollution

and misery around the world ....STOP NOW!

Discover more than one hundred green

solutions that will stop companies in their

tracks, save you loads of money and

turn you into a local hero !

Plastic bags consumed this year: // 47,658,064,094

Dear Friend,I know you've heard it before but this really is the most important letter you're going to read all year. Going green is no longer an option but a necessity for each and every member of our planet. You've heard all the heartbreaking news .... the weather is turned upside down and causing havoceverywhere; animals are going extinct daily; the atmosphere is filledwith greenhouse gasses. Even though you know you have to go green you have been lead to believe that going green is complicated and expensive. Big corporations spend millionsof dollars to keep you from learning the truth - that going green iseasier than you think and will saveyou loads of money. Why would they hide this truth from you? Becausethey make billions of dollars from you not knowing. When you thinkgoing green is more expensive or not worth it then companies can keepmaking tons of dough off of you, me and everyone else on the planet!Finally everyday citizens can turn the tables on corporate greed and help savethe planet in the process. In fact, over the next 7 minutes you'regoing to learn the myths behind going green, staying green and beinggreen. In less than 5 minutes from now you're going to learnhow going green actually means putting more green in your pocket...but first, let's look at the bigger picture.Unless you've been sleeping under a rock somewhere you know that our world and planet is in desperate need of yourhelp. The earth changes are now so great that every man, woman andchild on the planet is affected. Pollution, waste, garbage, toxins,poisons .... they are rampant. It's time for you to think green and gogreen.A couple of years ago I watcheda movie about a guy who, for 30 days straight, ate all his meals atMcDonalds restaurant. A couple of things stuck with me. First off, theguys health went in the trash and second he said that everydayMcDonalds restaurants make enough trash to fill up the Empire Statebuilding. No kidding - every day just one company makes enough trash tofill a building that is 2,768,591 square feet big. This is just onecompany everyday. How about this one. You know howeveryone drinks their water out of plastic bottles. Hey, I've doneit....well, those plastic bottles will never degrade. Plastic is not biodegradable.What happens to plastic is that it sticks around for thousands andthousands of years photo-degrading (from light). Right now, on a dailybasis millionsof these plastic bottles are thrown away. And how about this one: inthe United States enough film wrap is made so that the entire state ofTexas could be shrunk wrapped. If you've ever driven across Texas youknow that's a lot of shrink wrap!
Decide today that you're going to become a local hero in your town and neighborhood. Makea commitment to going green - and if you're already a "greenie" thenlearn how you can get even better results. When you read the money savinggreen solutions guide "Going Green & Saving Green" you'll discovermore than 100 ways you can immediately help the environment and save money in the process.Going green is actually easierand more natural than not being green. Back in the good 'ol dayseveryone was green. Life was a lot simpler before the turn of thiscentury not to mention the last one.Think about all the things thathave been invented in your lifetime. Planes, trains, and automobiles?Computers and plastics? iPhones and wireless communications? How aboutall the lotions, potions, pills and remedies? You might remember the Pet Rockfrom years ago. Just in case you've never heard of it, there was thisguy who put a rock ... yes, a a little crib box and sold itfor a couple of bucks. He called them Pet Rocks and made millions!So, what does the Pet Rock haveto do with going green? Everyday we're convinced to buy things that wereally don't need. Have you considered all those plastic water bottles?How the heck did that get started? Oh yeah, someone said water neededto be bottled for it to be any good...even if some water bottlecompanies just stick tap water in the bottle (did you hear about thatthing with Dasani?)Everyday companies andcorporations are making stuff and then selling that new stuff toreplace the old stuff saying the new stuff is the improved stuff. Thesad truth is that companies don't always care about the impact theirproducts have on you and your family let along the planet. Companiesare more concerned with the impact on their wallets than the impact inour lives.
"Going Green & Saving Green" is all about putting you in a position of savings.Saving the planet, saving your neighborhood and saving money. Insidethis guide you'll learn secrets that you've not heard before. In fact,let me share a couple of them with you.You know how - and in this case,it helps if you're a woman (I'll get a man tip in a moment) you spendmoney on exfoliating products? You know all those creams with littleballs of something in them to help scrub the yuckies off and smoothyour skin when you're in the shower? How about a green solution thatworks just as well, costs you nothing and is safe for the environment?Drum roll please ......Coffee grounds.Yep, you heard it here first. A green exfoliating product is theleftover coffee grounds from breakfast. They work every bit as well assomething you'd buy at the drug store, are organic and safe for theenvironment and saveyou money because you no longer have to buy another product. (There isa trick to using them though....make sure you mix the grounds with aliquid soap)Now for you green guys out thereyou can easily help the environment by simply using a straight razor.Back in the old days straight razors were very common but now you haveelectric shavers and disposable razors. The electric shaver might begreen if you're making your own electricity but there is no way thedisposable blades are eco-friendly. Disposable razors and blades are all over the landfills and remember plastic does not bio-degrade. Plastic will be on the planet for eons. Other great things you're going to learn and ways you're going to save are...
Discover one simple thing you can do that will save you enoughenergy that you can run your TV for one week without paying an extradime in electricity.
How you may be sending up to one ton of carbon into the atmosphereevery year and how you can instantly zero that out ....
A no-brainer trick to save 10% in energy cost drying your clothes...and no it's not hanging them outside.
Learn how you can save up to $2,000 a year by just eating more of this.....
Why how you park your car is actually costing you money. Once youread this tip you'll never park your car the same way again.
A little known free software that will save you anywhere from 30% to 60% on printing and paper waste.
An easy to find additive for your lawn and garden that will cutyour watering by almost half but keep your plants healthy and thrivingall summer long...
What a half-gallon milk jug and your toilet have in common and whythis one trick will save you money that you're literally flushing downthe drain!
How to instantly add $1,400 to your wallet or pocketbook by switching from "this" to "that"....

The benevolent leader and worldchange-agent, Mahatma Gandhi was famous for saying "be the change youwant to see". The incomparable American president John F. Kennedy said "asknot what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for yourcountry". If he were alive today he would probably edit that statementto ask not what your planet can do for you; ask what you can do foryour planet. Now you can easily become aneco-friendly member of the earth and help teach others with your newfound information. The world depends on people like you - people whowill begin making small changes, sharing those changes with othersuntil the snowball effect is reached and the green movement becomes theeveryday. You are that one personand when you download and read "Going Green & Saving Green" you'llbe taking a step forward toward helping your local community bybecoming another green citizen. With no risk to you and all therisk on me I'm asking you - no, I'm pleading with you - read, implementand share everything you learn in the eBook "Going Green & SavingGreen". To sweeten the offer I'm goingto give you a no-risk, unconditional, hassle-free 60 day guarantee. Getthe book, download it, read it and if you don't think it's worth your hard earned green let me know and I'll promptly refund every cent you invested. You're probably much is this going to cost? Well, quite frankly we spentweeks researching all the details you're going to read. We hiredresearchers, talked to writers and contacted "greenies" (experts ingreen solutions). If we were to charge for all our time and the time ofeveryone we talked to you'd have to pay hundreds of dollars for thisinformation. And, yes, you might be able to research all thesesolutions yourself but it would take you weeks just like it took us. We are so desperate to get thisinformation out that we have slashed your cost to just $47. You'regoing to be receiving an in-depth guide of more than 60 pages with morethan 119 tips, techniques and money saving green solutions. If youfigure this out your investment is less than 70 cents per pageof information and yet your return is changing the world for the betterand potentially thousands of dollars in savings for you and your family. Please say that savingthe planet is worth 70 cents? Think about this before you answer ....either you are part of the problem or part of the solution. Order, read and implement the money cashsaving green solutions in "Going Green & Saving Green" no matterwhere in the world you are or what time of day or night it is. Be thechange the world is so desperate in need of and become a local heroovernight. Our planet needs each and everyone of us to start making serious changes to how we're living. The onlyway these changes can be made is one person at a time. Be all you can be by going green today!
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