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The Ultimate Greeting Card

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Post The Ultimate Greeting Card   Wed Sep 08, 2010 2:02 pm

Learn How to Make Greeting Cards

that Look Fantastic

and Will Amaze Your Friends!

The Ultimate Greeting Card!
Creative card making has never been so fun and easy!
Dear Dedicated Card Maker,

The first thing we all think when we glance at our busy calendars andnotice yet another birthday or special occasion is “ oh no, I’ve got toget another card”. We wander into the newsagent or card shopin our lunch break and stare dumbly at the rows upon rows of greetingcards…. And not one of those cards means anything to us! Not one cardout of hundreds really jumps out at us. Sure here and there is reallyfunny or especially cute but usually these run of the mill greetingcards are not quite right for the special occasion.

ruly when was the last time you gave someone something meaningful and special?
The solution is a custom card.Youthink, “Maybe I’ll make a card, that will make it meaningful.” So youbuy your card stock, scan the internet for days looking forinspiration. Nothing out there is new or really different! It’s all thesame old, same old …Sigh
The solution is a custom candy card!That’sright, a delicious custom made candy card that you can make yourself athome, that’s inexpensive, personalized and simple to create.
A fun often hilarious, yummy, bright, big, beautiful CANDY CARD!
The Ultimate Greeting Card!
Comingfrom a background where there was not always a lot of money-cash to goaround, birthdays and special occasions could be tricky. “How much to spend?” and “If I can only spend that much, what can I get that will look decent?” Sometimes it’s hard to look good on a budget. Or worse, "What can I get? This person has everything." We all know someone who has everything.

Because I am a very social person there were constantly kid’sbirthdays, farewells and congratulation occasions going on. These allrequired special gifts for the special people in my life.

From this the concept of candy cards was born. A card; a special personalized gift and a piece of artwork all in one. And
super fun to make as well!
You see you don’t have to spend tons of money to give someone a worthwhile gift. To make them feel special. Most people prefer and really appreciate a genuine effort and a personal touch on their special day. A candy card is the perfect way to say to someone, I love you, I know you and you mean a lot to me.
You also want to have fun andenjoy the creative experience while you are creating your special cardfor the loved ones in your life! Making a card is like baking a cake,all you positive energy goes into it and the receiver knows they are truly cared for.
These days there is so much card making information out there but none of it is new and different or as super easy to implement as the candy card is.
So I’ve created Candy Card Secrets, a complete step by step guide to making and giving the ultimate greeting card. A Candy Card!

step by stepinspirational and instructional candy card creating guide is the bestway for me to share and teach my new and completely different cardmaking secrets to anyone who wants to makemeaningful and fun cards.
Candy Cards are perfect for the following occasions.
Sports Events
St Patrick’s
Baby Shower
Teacher card
Bar Mitzvah
House warming
Thank You
Father’s Day
job Promotion
Valentine’s Day
Get Well
Leaving a job
Workplace eventsGoing Away
Mother’s Day
Special Days
Good bye
Special Festivals
Just Becaus

Sample Candy Cards.

Candy Card Secrets is packed with card making ideas to inspire you, as well as a substantial section on choosing your theme and personalizing your card.

Here’s a very brief breakdown of the 6
BIG sections inside “Candy Card Secrets”.

1. Why give cards?
History of card giving, what makes candy cards such a great gift idea. Occasions and events that card giving is suitable for. 2. Themes and Personalizing your card.
Choosinga theme for your card. 25 themes for special occasions includingmonster candy cards for kids, engagement cards, and teachers’ daycards. How to add the personal touch to your candy card using photosand your loved ones passions. Includes a list of questions to askyourself about the person receiving the card.

3. Candy Card Materials.
Allthe necessary equipment you need to create candy cards. An extensiveguide to candy buying and types of candy to use. What non toxic glueyou can use which ensures the candy is still able to be eaten ifrequired. 4. Candy Card Techniques.
In detail instructions from choosing your theme, to wrapping and presenting your finished candy card.
5. Sample Candy Cards.
Step by step instructions to creating a candy card. We show you exactly how it’s done with full color photos. 6. Card headings and Themes
25 messages for the front of your candy card. We have also included 5 occasions with images and themes to spark your imaginationEach candy card is:

A great gift all by itself. (you don’t need another gift, a candy card is plenty)

Easy and inexpensive to make.

Totally delicious in case the need arises to eat it.

A fantastic craft project to do with the kids.

Easily personalized or adapted for any occasion.

Will compliment any party perfectly. Just match the card to your color theme or party theme.

Totally new technique for card decorating. I haven’t seen this technique used anywhere.

Adaptable to any image. If you re not a good drawer you can still make a great candy card!

Seriously fun to receive, totally surprising. You should see their faces!

A magical piece of art. I’ve known people to keep their candy cards intact for years or
get them framed
Candy Cards can

Be a yummy card that will be
loved by everyone from 1 -100! (and who doesn’t like candy)

Be easily customized to suit the person or occasion.

Have an amazing 3d quality.

Will last for ages! The candy cards can be made a head of time and then used as the
occasion arises.

Be any size card you want.

A great activity for kid's on a rainy day.

Help inspire happy and creative ideas.

Provide for a fun craft afternoon.

Are not just a card. Candy cards are the perfect gift all by themselves, especially when

For newbie’s and up - if you’ve never made a card you’ll be able to make a candy card, and
if you are more experienced you will get plenty of new card making ideas

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