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about Islam

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Post about Islam   Tue Aug 09, 2011 9:17 am

about Islam

  1. [size=21]What is Islam?
  2. What does Islam mean?
  3. How do we know Islam is the truth?
  4. Why does Islam often seem strange?
  5. Do Islam and Christianity have different origins?
  6. Who are Muslims?
  7. What do Muslims believe?
  8. Who is Allah?
  9. Does Allah look like us?
  10. What does it mean to believe in Allah?
  11. Can we see Allah?
  12. Does Allah see us?
  13. Does Allah answer my prayers?
  14. When does Allah not answer our prayers?
  15. What can I ask of Allah?
  16. Who is Muhammad (peace be upon him)?
  17. How did Muhammad (peace be upon him) become a prophet and a messenger of God?
  18. What is the Quran?
  19. What is the Quran about?
  20. Are there any other sacred sources?
  21. Who is Jesus to us?
  22. Who were the parents of Jesus (peace be upon him)?
  23. Can Jesus (peace be upon him), or Muhammad (peace be upon him) be worshipped?
  24. Is Allah the same as what Christians call "the father"?
  25. Is there a trinity in Islam?
  26. Can anyone become a Muslim?
  27. What about someone who has never heard of Islam?
  28. When is the Day of Judgment?
  29. Are there signs for the day of Judgment?
  30. What is it that keeps us from entering Heaven?
  31. What about non-Muslims do; they go to heaven?
  32. Do we believe that Allah created the heavens and earth in 6 days?
  33. Do we have free will?
  34. Did Allah create evil?
  35. Who are my best friends?
  36. Who is my worst enemy?
  37. Do bad things happen to the believers (good people)?
  38. Why is the family so important to Muslims?
  39. What about food?
  40. What is the Kabah?
  41. Who are amongst the people that must fast in the blessed month of Ramadan and those that are not obliged to fast in this month?
  42. What facts about the month of Ramadan have been related by Hadith in regards to what takes place related to heaven and hell?
  43. What is one of the Sunnahs when a Muslim, for a valid reason cannot keep fast?
  44. What connection does the Holy Quran and the blessed month of Ramadan have that makes the month very important and sacred?
  45. It is said that the odor of a fasting Muslim is more fragrant to Allah Subhanahu wa Ta`ala than what?
  46. Is it a requirement to enter Masjid Haram from the Baab as-Salaam entrance?
  47. Can I smoke when I'm in Ihram?
  48. When I stone the Jamaraat, is it necessary to hit the target?
  49. Can I perform Hajj every year?
  50. Is it a must for a wife to seek her husband's permission to perform the obligatory Hajj?
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