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Common Key Issues That Might Affect Your Business Growth

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Post Common Key Issues That Might Affect Your Business Growth   Sat Aug 13, 2011 8:43 am

Business growth is the mix of a wide number of things and so are the key issues that affect your business. So what are they and how may they influence your business?

IT Issues

In this day and age computers and the necessity for their continuing functionality, is one of the things that can really affect a business. If a computer, server or desktop goes down, you will need desktop and server support as quickly as possible. Without such IT Support you can lose business, time and even worse data. Ensure you have a good, solid IT Support Company at hand to deal with such issues should they come about.

Management Techniques

The way a company is managed and the way members and employees of the business feel about the company, have a huge affect on business growth. Employees who feel valued and are offered rewards for their labors as well as respect will work as hard as possible for a company.

On the other hand, employees who feel they are ill treated will not put their all into a business and this can be one of the issues that affect business growth.

The Economy

Have no illusions about it, there are also many things in a business that are out of its own hands. The economy is a vastly interconnected beast that you have little or no say in, whether it is the domestic or the international economy.

The old adage that a rising tide lifts all is true here, as is the opposite. The economy is one of the greatest things that affect a business and its growth.


As a company grows it may need to re-valuate its structure. A company that has a small number of people will need a very different set of structures than one with hundreds of employees. Communication, idea generation and marketing structures are all different for different businesses depending on certain factors. Structure affects growth in that it is how a business handles growth will determine how, where and how quickly it grows.

The tools a company has

Aside from its employees, the tools and facilities a company has go a long way into determining how it will grow. A company with top line computers and software that is catered for by excellent IT Support or its local area will be at a huge advantage to companies without such facilities. In many ways a company can only be as good as the facilities it has.
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